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SMT SUS Wire Reverse-fence Shelving (Model type: SRS61) [(XL) 1210mm]

$ 189.00 USD $ 252.00 USD

Product displayed here is with 2 optional Intermediate shelves.

SMT’s Wire “Reverse-fence” Shelving System has the same storage concept with normal wire shelving system.

The different between both is Wire “Reverse-fence” Shelving System has an extra advantage over normal shelving system, with built-in ledge around perimeter of shelf, prevents contents from falling off.

It also defines the depth and breadth of space.

This shelving system has been designed to give you innumerable option in solving your specific storage needs. It can be changed as quickly as your needs changed. By using various accessories, numerous of shelving configuration become possible. Post can be fitted with the adjustable levelling stand or any of a wide range of caster wheel.

The open wire design of these special made heavy-gauge carbon steel and stainless-steel shelves minimize dust and allow a free circulation of humidity, greater visibility of stored items and greater light penetration.

This shelving system has corner socket that allow adjustment along the entire length of post even while materials remain on shelves.