SMT SUS Q-Series Reverse-Fence Security Cage Cart with 2 Intermediate Shelvings

$ 0.00 USD

SMT’s Q-Series Security units provide the advantage of storing valuable materials and sensitive items, along with quick and protective transportation. Heavy gauge, open wire design keeps the entire contents of the unit visible at all times, making it easy to check inventory.

This Security Truck consists of double doors open wide and can be secured along the side of the units for easy access. It also features optional intermediate which can be positioned or adjusted at 1” (25mm) even after assembly.

Our units are shipped flat pack and are easy to assemble. This Security Truck can reduce dust, moisture accumulation, permits air circulation and light penetration.

The wire shelving of our Security Truck gives maximum visibility of shelf contents. The different between both is Wire “Reverse-fence” Shelving System has an extra advantage over normal shelving system, with built-in ledge around perimeter of shelf, prevents contents from falling off.

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