SMT System Metal Technology Sdn. Bhd.

SMT System Metal Technology Sdn. Bhd. is a manufacturer of Metal Wire Storage Products and Fabrication. 

The company consists of four divisions, namely SMT Wire Shelving Division, SMT Metal Fabrication Division, SMT CNC Wire Forming Division and SMT CNC Machining Division.

"Symbol of Trust in Metal Technology" 

SMT Best Sellers

1-SMT 400x400
7-LOCKER 400x400
8-SDOWST 400x4009-CABINET V2 400x4005-PC WST V1 400x400
10-SHELF 400x400
2-TABLET 400x4003-CIM 400x400
4-CART 400x400
6-TRIANGLE 400x400
11-QSSWST 400x400
12-WIRE TROLLEY V1 400x400

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