Storage / Cabinet


In cleanroom where space is at a premium, space saving and furniture solution are vitally important. SMT’s Cabinets are made from stainless steel of grade 304 and electropolished. The cabinet comes with lockable hinged door and various of internal shelving like wire shelf, solid shelf and reverse-fence shelf are available for selection.


Innovative Solution

SMT works hard to serve customer around the world. We always put our customers at the forefront of everything we do and deliver products not only meet their expectations but exceed them. Through our vast experience dealing with Malaysia and Singapore clients, our teams are confident to come out with solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.


No additional markup, from Factory to User

SMT produces Cabinet from beginning to end. This allows us to identify and evaluate procedures to ensure the production of quality product. Consumer can purchase directly from SMT website or write in to request other sizes. We too welcome bulk order of our Cabinet from retailer or wholesaler.



Project Specialist

As a specialist in stainless steel product manufacturing, we work on a wide range of projects and have delivered our products to match requirements by factory and hospitals on different scale and location.