SMT SUS 304 Q-Series Security Station (Model: SQSST)

RM 3,839.00 MYR

Product description

Material: Stainless Steel grade 304

Finish:    Electro-polish

Level:      4-level

Pitch:      60mm x 60mm

SMT’s Q-Series Security units provide the advantage of storing valuable materials and sensitive items, along with secured and protective storing. Heavy gauge, open wire design keeps the entire contents of the unit visible at all times, making it easy to check inventory.

This Security Station consists of double doors open wide and can be secured along the side of the units for easy access. It also features optional intermediate which can be positioned or adjusted at 1” (25mm) even after assembly.

Our units are shipped flat pack and are easy to assemble. This Security Station can reduce dust, moisture accumulation, permits air circulation and light penetration. The wire shelving of our Security Station gives maximum visibility of shelf contents. And the carrier base helps ensure maximum stability.

SMT Q-series are smooth and rounded, with no sharp edges to be found.

*Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only, actual product may vary due to product enhancement.


Do not get the size you want? Refer to the size table below and write in to us your preferred size from the list at Our sales team will get in touch with you shortly! 

Model NumberSize: W x L (mm)Post Height (H) (mm)
SQSST4591/1613450 x 910  1613
SQSST45121/1613450 x 1210  1613
SQSST45133/1613450 x 13301613
SQSST45145/1613450 x 1450  1613
SQSST45157/1613450 x 1570  1613
SQSST45169/1613450 x 1690  1613
SQSST45181/1613450 x 1810  1613

Model NumberSize: W x L (mm)Post Height (H) (mm)
SQSST5391/1613530 x 910  1613
SQSST53121/1613530 x 1210  1613
SQSST53133/1613530 x 13301613
SQSST53145/1613530 x 1450  1613
SQSST53157/1613530 x 1570  1613
SQSST53169/1613530 x 1690  1613
SQSST53181/1613530 x 1810  1613

Model NumberSize: W x L (mm)Post Height (H) (mm)
SQSST6191/1613610 x 910  1613
SQSST61121/1613610 x 1210  1613
SQSST61133/1613610 x 13301613
SQSST61145/1613610 x 1450  1613
SQSST61157/1613610 x 1570  1613
SQSST61169/1613610 x 1690  1613
SQSST61181/1613610 x 1810  1613