SMT SUS 304 Solid Utility Cart (Model: SSUC)

RM 869.00 MYR

Product description

Material: Stainless Steel grade 304

Finish:    Electro-polish

Level:      2-level or 3-level

Castor:    5'' Grey rubber castor wheel

SMT’s Utility Carts are designed for low effort transport. It is perfectly fitted with ‘U’ handles and 4 caster wheels for maneuvering in corners.

This Stainless Steel Trolley Utility Cart is available in various sizes that will best suit to customer’s requirement. Units are shipped flat pack and are easy to assemble.

SMT’s Utility Carts can create effective handling system no matter what the need. SMT Utility Carts are smooth and rounded, with no sharp edges to be found.

The Solid Shelves Stainless Steel Trolley Utility Cart used here are made of Stainless steel 304 and are ideal for applications requiring a solid work surface and minimum resistance to corrosion.

*Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only, actual product may vary due to product enhancement.


Do not get the size you want? Refer to the size table below and write in to us your preferred size from the list at Our sales team will get in touch with you shortly! 

Model NumberSize: W x L (mm)Handle Height (H) (mm)
SSUC4561-2/875-2450 x 610 875
SSUC4573-2/875-2450 x 730 875
SSUC4585-2/875-2450 x 850875
SSUC4591-2/875-2450 x 910 875

Model NumberSize: W x L (mm)Handle Height (H) (mm)
SSUC5361-2/875-2530 x 610 875
SSUC5373-2/875-2530 x 730 875
SSUC5385-2/875-2530 x 850875
SSUC5391-2/875-2530 x 910 875
SSUC5397-2/875-2530 x 970 875

Model NumberSize: W x L (mm)Handle Height (H) (mm)
SSUC6161-2/875-2610 x 610 875
SSUC6173-2/875-2610 x 730 875
SSUC6185-2/875-2610 x 850875
SSUC6191-2/875-2610 x 910 875
SSUC6197-2/875-2610 x 970 875
SSUC61109-2/875-2610 x 1090 875
SSUC61121-2/875-2610 x 1210 875