Ten Important Equipment When Opening a New Café

Ten Important Equipment When Opening a New Café

If you are thinking about setting up a coffee shop business in Malaysia, there are many things you will have to consider – prime among them is the equipment you will need to purchase to put your café in perfect shape.

Opening a new café provides an exciting challenge, and having the right equipment gives your business a high chance of succeeding. Below is a comprehensive list of ten of the essential equipment that you must have before you open your café.

1. Cleanroom Workbench

The cleanroom workbench is also known as the cleanroom stool is one of the essential equipment you will purchase for your coffee shop. It is a large bench that makes your work simpler and serves a variety of functions.

smt sus perforated workbench.png

2. Cleanroom Stool

Cleanroom stool is essential for your coffee shop. The cleanroom stool features a very comfortable waterfall seat with a large backrest, including a 360-degree swivel and an adjustable back with lumbar support. The cleanroom chair makes seating in your shop for hours a more relaxing experience, and with its 360 feature, you can attend to many things while still on the same spot.

SMT SUS Stool.png

3. Wire Shelving

The wire rack is a must-have for your café, and it is instrumental in load-bearing. It consists of a wire mesh that is attached to metal bars that act as support and can serve the function of displaying for sale, various merchandise, bulk coffee, mugs, and other accessories in your shop. 

Wire shelving also helps to create adequate space in your shop and gives your customers a clear view of all available items you have for sale. Some people even make use of the stainless steel rack instead of the wire rack, but it all depends on what you intend to place on your shelf. To get the best wire shelving Malaysia has to offer; you must do a comprehensive research of local wire shelving companies around you.

SMT SUS HD Wire Shelving.png

4. Instrument Trolley

The instrument trolley is much-needed equipment in your coffee shop. It helps you move weighty items conveniently around your café.

SMT IMT Trolley.png

5. Café Furniture

The café furniture includes the café chairs and tables for your customers to sit and enjoy their drinks and food. You need to have a comfortable place for people to sit while patronizing your coffee because this will significantly influence them coming back to your shop.

cafe setting.png

6. Utility Cart

Utility carts are made of materials such as plastic, aluminium, and stainless steel. Utility carts have different capacities and are classed by the number of products they can hold at a time. Some of these carts have the unique ability to heat or cool the coffee and food you serve in your shop. There is also a security cart that comes with a wire or mesh covering to protect goods while moving them from one point to another within your shop.

2. Solid Shelf Utility Cart - F3-865.png

7. SMT Technology

SMT technology is an efficient, effective and modern manufacturing solution. It is a method for creating electric circuits, whose component is placed directly on the surface of printed circuit boards, and it is utilized in coffee makers.

8. Espresso Machine

You cannot have a coffee shop without an espresso machine, so make sure you purchase one of high-quality. They do not come cheap, but they last for many years.

expresso machine as cafe equipment.png

9. A Refrigerator

You must have a fridge in your new café to help you keep your drinks cold, and if you are going to be serving food, you will also need to keep some of it refrigerated.

refrigerator for cafe.png

10. Glass/Cup Washing Machine

Having a glass/cup washing machine is essential as it helps you save time, especially on the days when your coffee shop is bustling with customers and activity.

dish washer as cafe equipment.png

These are some of the essential items you must have when starting a coffee shop business in Malaysia. Do some research, talk to some experienced café owners, brainstorm with friends and family to find out more things that you will need in your cafe to give customers an exciting experience.

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