8 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Warehouse Shelving

8 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Warehouse Shelving

Choosing the perfect wire rack or wire shelving in Malaysia is one of the factors that will determine if you're going to have a seamless operation in your warehouse or not. The perfect wire shelving will enable you to maximize space and organize products efficiently in your warehouse while allowing access for easy picking of products off the shelf.  

When you collaborate with an experienced, reputable warehouse solution provider on your shelving needs, such as SMT System Metal Technology Sdn Bhd, it will save you both time and money.
With that being said, let's look at eight tips for choosing the perfect warehouse shelving for your business in Malaysia.


1. Cost and Budget

In choosing the perfect wire shelving for your warehouse, the cost is one factor to consider. When it comes to wire shelving, the lowest price does not always mean the best value. If you invest in a wire shelving solely because of its low cost, then these savings could soon be lost if it doesn’t serve its purpose.

Invest in the experience of a warehouse solution provider who can install a wire shelving system specifically optimised to meet the needs and facilities of your warehouse and your type of product.

2. Height and floor space of your warehouse

A well-designed warehouse wire shelving solution should be able to maximise the vertical dimensions of your warehouse and capitalise on the opportunity to exploit its floor space.

Wire shelving, such as high bay wire racks, can increase your storage space, vertically, at a cost-effective price. Storage systems like bay racks can reach heights of up to 40 metres — doubling the capacity offered by other types of wire shelves.

If you intend to utilize the entire height and width of your warehouse, consider the type of wire shelving to purchase. Also, you must consider the additional cost of a crane for access to the higher levels if you do choose to invest in this type of wire shelving.

3. Purpose

Talk to your warehouse solution provider about the job that your wire shelving is expected to do — based on the type of products that will be kept on it. Depending on the intended use, consider features such as adjustable or double-deep racking during the provider sourcing stage.

4. Safety

Safety is worth considering when it has to do with warehouse shelving. That’s why the annual wire shelving inspections are a compulsory requirement in the industry.

You need to ensure that your wire shelving is manufactured to a high standard and then installed by professionals and assembled according to strict guidelines for loading and positioning will give you peace of mind that your warehouse staff and products are protected.

5. Versatility and Adjustability

Your kind of business needs may be one that will evolve and may require a versatile shelving system that can be configured for different uses at every point in time. Whether it is adjusting an existing shelf height or adding or removing a level of shelve, it is reassuring to know that your shelving system can adapt to future changes when the need arises.

6. Accessibility

The kind of access you need to your shelving would depend on the type of product, the rate of product rotation, movement, and operational system for dispatch. The frequency at which you access your goods is essential when deciding on choosing the perfect shelving for your warehouse.

7. Durability

The durability of the shelving system is a vital factor if you have a busy warehouse, or if you operate in areas of extreme weather conditions.

In deciding on the perfect shelving system option for your business, consider the durability of your solution. Find out how long your wire shelving will last if you continue to operate at a particular rate.

8. Maintenance

Ensuring the availability of spare parts and components that can be delivered on time is vital to the continuing operation of your warehouse. Also, consider the availability of qualified experts for repairs of your wire shelving when there is a fault.

Follow the tips above when investing in a wire shelving system for your warehouse in Malaysia. Also, ensure that you use the services of experienced experts and suppliers during the decision-making process, sourcing, and installation, such as SMT System Metal Technology Sdn Bhd. For more information, feel free to contact our professional staff on our website.

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