Top 5 Types of Wire Shelving Finishing You Should Know

Top 5 Types of Wire Shelving Finishing You Should Know

With limited space and plenty to store, nothing can be as challenging as constructing and maintaining an adequate storage area in your business premises. The good news is, a wire shelving unit will simply increase your storage capacity.

The wire shelves consume less space, thereby making it fit in anywhere in the home or business premises. One thing is sure, your stuff is kept safe and in an organized manner. 

When purchasing a storage unit, they are different types of shelves, materials, accessories, and components you need to choose from.

The following are the top five types of wire shelving in Malaysia you should know. 

1. Chrome Finishing

Chrome-plated wire shelving units are typically ideal for dry storage or heated environments which include warehouses, garages, retail application, and stockrooms. They are especially used in making utility carts.

It is the most popular style for wire shelving and it is designed to increase visibility and ventilation. Some chrome wire shelves come with a clear epoxy coating while some do not, but many of these units are NSF Listed.

The reflective finishing of Chrome makes it scratch-resistant, but they are prone to rust if used in a humid environment. Each shelf holds up to 800lbs.

2. Epoxy Coated

Epoxy coated wire shelving units have a special finish that is baked onto the steel which makes it more resistant to humid environments such as ware washing areas, walk-in coolers, or moist storage.

Epoxy coated shelves come in white, black and green depending on the manufacturer’s discretion, but all this epoxy colour will give you the same protection against rust.

The most common colours include black epoxy coated wire shelving units which are used mainly in retail shops or warehouses because of its subtle colouring and green epoxy wire shelving units which are used in the foodservice industry. Each shelf holds up to 300lbs.

3. Electro-Polish Stainless Steel 

To many, stainless steel shelving units are the most durable type of shelving available on the market. It has the natural rust-resistance ability. It can withstand rough and heavy-use applications in any environment (wet or dry).

Stainless steel shelving units are higher-quality option to suit any area, purpose, or industry starting from food storage in walk-in coolers to retail use of warehouse storage. It holds up to 800lbs per shelf.

4. Poly-Z-Brite Finishing

This is an extremely rust-resistant shelving unit and it will not rust even in the presence of saltwater or sea air.

These units are finished first with a baked coat of epoxy and then the style is topped with zinc-chromate electroplating that makes them just as strong as regular metal shelving units.

Another benefit to purchasing a Poly-Z-Brite shelving unit is that its components are dishwasher safe and they can be wiped clean easily.

Most manufacturers offer a longer warranty on this type of shelving unit, thereby making it an important point to consider when planning to purchase a Poly-Z-Brite shelving unit. It holds up to 800 lbs per shelf.

5. Nexelon Finishing

Nexelon has a life rust-resistant ability. It possesses similar features with stainless steel shelving units apart from its price and weight.

Nexelon is coated with Nexguard, an antimicrobial agent that protects against rust, tarnish, and the buildup of bacteria that could otherwise ruin your shelving kit.

They come with an extra layer of an antimicrobial agent such as Microban built-in. This layer protects your shelving unit from bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi that could potentially contaminate food or cause unpleasant odours.

The bright blue shelving units are perfect for coolers, industrial freezers, restaurants and any area with high humidity. It holds up to 800 lbs per shelf.

So here you go, the top 5 types of wire shelving that are very useful for your business when it comes to maximizing the use of space.

Wire shelving in Malaysia are very popular options for businesses in the country, and can be used in different areas ranging from hospitals to homes, food stores and more.

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